Move the cursor to an area you wish to move, and click. Character will move to that area. (You will not be able to move to solid object: wall, water, etc.)AUTO MOVE: Use [shift] key + [mouse left button]/ click on character. (This mode will disable once you're killed or restart)
To battle, you'll need to goto a battlefield. When you approach a monster it will automatically attack. Keep clicking on the monster for continuous attack.

AUTO ATTACK [ Keboard 'O' key click] [ Mouse left button ] double click / to character double click

To enable chatting/messaging, use [ enter] key to bring up chat window.

Type your message and [enter] to type again press [enter]


During gaming you'll need to periodically repair you weapons. You'll also, need to acuire new weapons and sell the ones you have.

To buy an item double click NPC

To repair an item, click on "Repair" on the upper pane.

To repair the item, drag and drop an item from your inventory pane to lowest panel and click "Repair".

To buy an item, select an item, and click on "Buy" button from the lower pane.

To sell an item, select from inventory pane, drag and drop the item to NPC's inventory pane. Click on "Sell" button.


in the villages, there those who are captured and wander about. They will not be able to bring up a window pane for NPC

To turn off an item, open inventory pane and drag and drop item to disable slot.
Character Improvements: Your level will increase as you gain experience in battle.Character's Ability Improvements: Character's abilities (STRENGTH, AGILITY, STAMINA, MENTAL, WISDOM, CHARM) can be acquired by winning in battle.: You will need certain type of Abilities for different levels.
Acquire energy.
when you acquire enough energy, you'll see energy panel increase.
Click on the button and you'll increase in energy.
To end game, use ESC and click "Yes" to end game.

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